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Dome of the Rock - Jerusalem District 


The Rock with its majestic golden dome is the most famous buildings in East Jerusalem. The 690 AD. Dome of the Rock was built in the old city is located southeast of the Haram Al Sharif and one of the largest shrines in Islam. Because from here the Prophet Mohammed began his ascension. From an architectural point of view of the Rock, whose style is derived from the early Umayyad, a masterpiece. The floor plan is an octagon, which was enclosed in a circle.


Al-Aqsa Mosque - Jerusalem District


Right next to the Dome of the Rock is the Al-Aqsa Mosque, with its silver-colored dome. In Islam the mosque is the third holiest site. 709-715 AD. built by Caliph Waleed Ben Abdul Malik, the Al-Aqsa mosque was restored to 6 times a day. The present building has only a few elements of the original design.


Great Omari Mosque - Gaza district


In the city of Gaza, at the end of Omar Mukhtar Street, is the largest and oldest mosque in Gaza: the Omari mosque. In the Byzantine period it was a big church and was later converted into a mosque.
The mosque with its beautiful minarets has a floor area of 4,100 square meters and has an unusual minaret, which is square in the lower part and upper part is octagonal.


Ibrahimi Mosque - Hebron


 The Ibrahimi Mosque, an impressive rectangular building resembles a fortress. The construction of the wall and the selection of the stones were the work of King Herod. The mosque inside hosts a domed church, which originated at the time of the Crusaders. In these the graves of the tribal fathers Ibrahim (Abraham) are, Isaac and Jacob and their wives, Leah, Sarah and Rebekah. The mihrab (prayer niche) of the Ibrahimi Mosque consists of a multi-colored marble and intricate mosaics. A pulpit that had brought Salah ad-Din from Egypt, is situated directly next to the mihrab. Also Mamuluken have left their mark and made it the grave of the patriarch to an impressive monument.



Nabi Mousa - District Jericho


South of the road between Jerusalem and Jericho is the Mosque Nabi Mousa, according to Islamic tradition the burial place of Prophet Mousas. The sanctuary with its many domes, its high minaret and surrounded by Muslim grave fields is already in the desert landscape from afar to see.
In 1265 Sultan Baybars built over the tomb of the Prophet's mosque. In an adjoining room of the mosque stands the cenotaph Mousas, wrapped in a plain dark green blanket. In the 15th Century the Mamelukes built a large hostel with 450 rooms.


Nabi Samwil Ramallah District


About 120 kilometers southwest of Ramallah is Samwil Nabi - the grave of the prophet Samuel. The holy to all three monotheistic religions is a building site with numerous small turrets, in whose basement is covered with a cloth, the grave of the Prophet. On the mountain peak is the same village. This village was built around a mosque, whose minaret has a wonderful view over the hills of Jerusalem.



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