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Palestine lies on the south west of Asia on the southern part of the Mediterranean Sea Eastern Coast. Thus, it lies in the heart of the ancient world, namely, Asia, Africa and Europe, which makes it a land bridge linking Asia with Africa and the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea and the Atlantic Ocean with the Indian Ocean.




The area of Mandate Palestine is 27000-sq. Km. The area of the West Bank is 5900 sq. Km, while the area of Gaza Strip is about 365 sq. Km




Tropic Location

It lies between the longitude meridian 34.15° and 35.40° east and between the latitude circles 29.30° and 33.15° North


As Palestine is located at the Mediterranean, its climate is generally moderate. It is cold and rainy in winter, hot and dry in summer.



Summer Time: 3 hours are added to GMT

Winter Time: 2 hours are added to GMT


Estimated Number of Palestinians in the World, End Year 2006




Palestinian Territory









Other Arab Countries



Other Foreign Countries







Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics


Estimated Palestinian Population in the Palestinian Territory by Refugee Status and Region - End Year 2006

 Region  Total  Non-Refugee  Refugee
 Palestinian Territory  3,952,354  2,219,553  1,732,801
 West Bank  2,480,762  1.766,303  714,459
 Gaza Strip  1,471,592  453,250  1,018,342


Most Important Cities

Jerusalem (The Capital)

West Bank: Ramallah – Hebron – Jenin - Jericho – Bethlehem – Nablus – Tulkarem – Qalqilia
Gaza Strip: Gaza – Khan Younis -Rafah - Deir El-Balah



Arabic is the official language, in addition, English and Hebrew are widely spoken.

Work Days

Six work days (Friday is the official holiday)

· The government sector:
from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm

·The private sector
from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm


Official Holidays

·Weekend Friday

·Eid Al Fiter 1st of Shawal /Three Days

· Eid Adha 10th of Zul Hijja/ Four Days

·The Prophet’s Birthday 12th Rabe’e Awwal

· Eve Of Al Hijryia Year 1st of Moharram

·Al Isra’e Wal Mi’eraj 27th of Rajab

· The Revolution Flare-Up 1st of January

The Declaration Of Independence 15th of November

· Labour Day 1st of May

·Christmas 25th of December


Weight & Measurements

The metric system (meter, kg) is used in Palestine.
Dunum (1000 square meters) is used as a measurement unit for measuring land.


The Communication Code

The Palestinian international code (970) or through the international code (972)


Entry Visas

The visitor needs an entry visa to Palestine. There is an overlap in the permission process for the issue of visa, between PNA & the Israeli government

· Visit Permits (Entry Visa)
The entry visas (visit permits) to Palestine are granted according to the Interim Agreement signed with the Israeli side. It is expected that an amendment to the measures for granting entry visas will take place after the establishment of the Palestinian Independent State.
The current applicable measures:

o     Filling out a visa permit application at any of Ministry of Interior’s offices.

o    Three up -to-date colored photos ( 4+6) for the person applying for a visit permit are attached

o    A passport photocopy with a verified residence copy should be valid for eight months at least.

o    The identity card of the applicant showing the type or nature of relationship

o    Application fees (60 NIS) + (120 NIS) when receiving the visit permit approval

The PA has signed several agreements “inter line” with similarly – organized air transport companies as Qatar Airlines, Royal Jordanian, Yemeni, Royal Morocco, and Egyptian Airline.
Similarly the PCAA signed agreements with similar establishments in Qatar, Morocco, Jordan, Tunisia and Egypt
The PA programmed to extend its flights to include Larnka in Cyprus and Istanbul in Turkey shortly. It was expected by the end of 2000, that the Palestinian flights would extend to Athens, Rome, Frankfort, Paris and London.
The PA expects to join new planes to its fleet namely; two (50) passenger jets and two (8) dash (50) passengers planes as well.  



New Israeli Shekel (NIS), Jordanian Dinar (JD) and US Dollar ($)


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